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Patient feedback surveys – what’s your experience?

Patient or customer feedback is essential to the growth of any business, be it in dentistry or retail. So have you ever asked your patients, and if so how did you do it?

I’ve just completed two online customer surveys. One from Caffe Nero was in store with the offer of free coffee for a month or an iPad. I’m a huge fan of Nero’s as their brand is all about the coffee and the experience – however their survey had so many questions it was off-putting, and the format also didn’t really reflect the brand.

Philips on the other hand were simply asking for feedback on a recent experience I had with a faulty Sonicare toothbrush. I’d gritted my teeth when I set out to find out about possible repair/replacement options – however they were fantastic! The online chat facility was picked up straight away – albeit in the US, so they redirected me to the UK site. My only option was to complete an online form and I wasn’t convinced I’d get a response. I had a prompt and comprehensive response and within 5 days had a brand new replacement!

So of course when today I had an email asking me for feedback on my experience I was delighted to complete the survey. Just 6 questions, simple format, told me it would only take 2 minutes to complete, and at the end redirected me to their website creating another opportunity for me to buy. Excellent.

So, what are your experiences with surveys, and when do you think you might try one in your practice?

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Juan Zelada – iTunes Single of The Week


Congratulations to Juan Zelada for reaching single of the week on iTunes last week. We look forward to seeing you and the team at Insomnia Music in March.

In 2010 Insomnia Music instructed my company Origin 1 to design Juan Zelada’s website and help promote his music through various online media facilities such as YouTube and Twitter.

Kate was already working on a number of projects with Insomnia Music and had introduced me to the team and Juan Zelada at a gig in London. Myself and my team at Origin 1 are delighted to have been involved helping Juan Zelada to success and we wish him and the boys at Insomnia Music the very best of luck in the future.

If anyone is interested in joining myself and Kate to support Juan Zelada at Bush Hall in London on 30th March let us know. You can view all the videos, history and latest news here:

Why not buy the album now!!! Juan Zelada – High Ceilings & Collarbones

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Calling All Dentists – Win An iPod Touch


A great dental website designer is hard to find these days and we have been searching for a while through many sources. After numerous adverts, tweets and recommendations, we still cannot find the super cool design applicant with that extra special artistic flair. Unfortunately not just anyone will do for us as art is a skill you cannot learn. One is born and blessed with the natural talent and then the imagination learns to explore the impossible. This is what makes us different and we get noticed through our passionate, artistic designs that stand out from the crowd.

Design helps the world progress and your business prosper and so we are looking for that talented rare breed who you may well be closely connected with. If you know a brand designer or a website designer who you may have used in the past, please connect them with us or point them to our website address below.

If your referring applicant is successful, we will reward you with a FREE iPod touch worth £200. How great is that? just for a simple referral.

Remember, its a shame to hide any hidden talent. Let them explore a great opportunity by joining our team and I will be able to show them how special they really are. I can help them succeed and they will enjoy learning to develop their skills that will place them above many other future work colleagues.

Click Here Website Design Vacancy

Alex Nicolaou

Origin 1 Design Team

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Your Dental Practice Logo – Perfecting Your Identity


I have seen so many dental practice logo identities and met so many great professional dentists and I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is when the two don’t match up. A logo can say so much about the principal dentist, their brand, core values and what their practice stands for. Especially when most new patients, or patients looking for a new dentist, have never even seen or met the dentist they are looking for.

It is essential for a dental practice logo to represent its brand identity in the right way as it can instantly signify so many good or bad things about the personality of the dentist and their practice. A dental logo should also be designed to attract the intended patient profiles the practice is looking for. For example, highly skilled dentists who position themselves in an affluent location and offer a top class service should have a logo designed to match their intended brand position. The same theory applies for the opposite scenario and remember that which ever market your brand is aimed towards, you are providing a professional service and therefor a professional identity must be considered and designed for a reason and a purpose.

Not every designer has the experience to understand the needs of the dental practice and how to market it, and as many dentists are inexperienced in marketing in general, they are often either misled or misguided. Many dentists are trained and skilled in smile design these days and if you are a dentist that offers this service, then your dental brand must include the same considerations that are fundamental in this kind of design process. Just like a perfect smile that suits the face around it, your brand must also be in tune with its ideal look and appearance. Its all about balance and harmony as well a function.

There are four elements to include in your dental logo identity that must work together. Name of your dental practice, logo graphic, colour and type style. Design a dental practice logo with these four elements in an ideal style that reflects your individual brand personality, locality and targeted audience, and you will have created the perfect start to the patient communication process.

A logo designed with balance, symmetry and with all the elements working together in harmony will be appear more attractive, have greater impact and become more memorable. Take a look at a before and after logo example below after it has had the Mint branding treatment.

Alex Nicolaou – Mint Branding & Marketing

Dental Practice Logo Design

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Mint – Proud To Support Smile4Heroes


The team at Mint Branding & Marketing are proud to be helping and supporting the Smile4Heroes foundation. We wish Daniel Pinder and his team every success in generating interest and support from all those involved in dentistry. Mint Branding & Marketing have designed the new logo and are starting work on the website shortly.

Smile4Heroes Design

Lets never forget our heroes who have been injured and put their lives at risk to serve for our country. For more information please click here: http://www.smile4heroes.co.uk/contact

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Dental Branding & Dental Marketing At BDTA 2011


Mint Branding & Marketing were at the annual British Dental Trade Association (BDTA) exhibition in Birmingham this year and at the annual British Association of Cosmetic Dentists (BACD) in London last week.

Many thanks for the support of the Mint Dental Club principal members Mark Oborn (Social Media Marketing), Jane Lelean (The Institute of Dental Business), Ray Goodman (Goodman Legal), Gary Bettis (Design Clinic) and Lesley Bailey (Privilege Plan).

The Mint Dental Club are continually working together to help dentists understand the importance of using the top professionals who can provide dentists with the best advise and services for their dental businesses. For more information about Mint Branding & Marketing and any of the Mint Dental Club members please visit our website.

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See you at BDTA! Stand N14

Busy putting finishing touches to our BDTA stand, exciting new package launching, come and visit us at stand N14!

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community engagement at its best


Saw this last night at the Salisbury Arms in Hertford. Bring in your surplus home produce for Chef Rob and get Salisbury beer tokens in exchange. Sadly I don’t have any home produce ;-) but I sure am telling plenty of friends who do!
What could you do like this to get people really engaging with your brand?

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What does your phone system say about your brand?

Have you tested your phone system recently? Or thought about how much your first impression of a new service (be it restaurant or dentist) is formed by the way the phone is answered?

Try it out, or get a friend to call and give you an honest opinion of how you answered – if it’s a receptionist who answers, are they truly being an ambassador for your brand? Ok, so maybe you have this covered, but have you checked it out of hours or when your phone is busy? For several clients I’ve been working with recently this has opened a huge can of worms! In both cases the problem has in fact been the phone system, but in both cases if I hadn’t pointed it out, they would never have known (and in both cases it was pure chance I ended up on their voicemail system).

I could share another FAR more frustrating example I ‘enjoyed’ last week from a worldwide courier brand, but think I’ll save that for another day ;-)

So have you tried it yet?

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Great Idea…How About A QR Code For Your Dental Signage?


Calling all dentists…I was on my Mint travels to a meeting when I was parked in traffic and noticed this fantastic funky radiator shop. Firstly, how many contemporary radiator specialist shops are there out on the high street and secondly, how mainly independent retailers actually have a QR (Quick Response) code on their shop signage???

What a great idea! Just think how many passers by do not have the opportunity to visit your practice during YOUR working hours? Here is an opportunity to help window shoppers, walking couples and drivers in traffic to get quick info about your dental practice on their phone within seconds…

How about it?

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