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If you are a dentist with a retail location, the latest Mary Queen of Shops is absolutely required viewing. She shares invaluable commercial advice with retailers – though some choose not to accept the advice….

Last week’s episode showed a brilliant tip from a small Chocolatier. To understand his potential local customer, he went outside with a notepad, looked the clothes people were wearing, the shopping bags they were carrying to see where they shopped. This gave him a really simple way of identifying how he could position his brand and products to appeal to his market. ┬áHe even noticed the latest fashion in colours and produced purple and gold chocolates – brilliant!

Get you and your team to go outside and really look at who is passing by, and make sure your practice will appeal to the right people. You could even go one step further and carry out some market research by inviting people in and asking for their feedback on your practice and whether they would consider coming to you. Be prepared to hear some things which may feel uncomfortable but will absolutely give you a true customer insight.

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