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How to bring new patients to your door!

'smart thinking:  give clients a lift to Ruby for a curry'

Here’s a clever idea: a new Indian restaurant has just opened in Hertford. There’s lots of competition and it’s a bit of the beaten track from the main bars and pubs.

Enter the new Ruby Tuk Tuk! ┬áBranded and with the website it says ‘need a lift to Ruby? Wave me or call us on…..’ ┬áBrilliant thinking, great to get people talking, and customers through the door.

Think about what else you can do to make it really easy for patients to come to your practice!

But a small word of caution – make sure when they arrive, they experience the very best of your brand – excellent customer service and excellent work. Sadly in opening weeks, Ruby hasn’t quite hit the mark with this but we are all hopeful!

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