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I am sitting here having just completed a second branding project for a US based dentist in just six months. The power of communication is wonderful these days and it should be taken full advantage of in every way. But it is simply not just about tweeting, having information on a website or blogging, its about setting your powerful brand whether personal, professional or corporate that creates a desirable attraction.

For a dentist, to help attract the patients you want, you must design your brand and all your marketing materials to fit the profile of the patient you intend to walk into the practice. If your branding has more appeal than your competitors, with readily available information, then you will have the edge of choice over your competitors.

The good news for UK based dentists is that you are located in the best country in the world for design. Whether you intend creating a small boutique dental practice or a corporate chain, if you brand this in the right way then you may attract interest from businesses abroad as well as patients who travel globally.

An official government website for UK Trade & Investment states:
“The UK’s creative industries are among the most influential and successful in the world. UK creativity is highly marketable, award-winning and sought after by global business.

As a proportion of GDP, the UK has the largest creative industries sector in the world. Businesses both in the UK and overseas, across a wide range of sectors, have a keen appetite for UK creative products and services, recognising the contribution that their imagination and professional excellence make to profitability, competitiveness and all-round commercial success.”

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