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Your Dental Practice Logo – Perfecting Your Identity


I have seen so many dental practice logo identities and met so many great professional dentists and I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is when the two don’t match up. A logo can say so much about the principal dentist, their brand, core values and what their practice stands for. Especially when most new patients, or patients looking for a new dentist, have never even seen or met the dentist they are looking for.

It is essential for a dental practice logo to represent its brand identity in the right way as it can instantly signify so many good or bad things about the personality of the dentist and their practice. A dental logo should also be designed to attract the intended patient profiles the practice is looking for. For example, highly skilled dentists who position themselves in an affluent location and offer a top class service should have a logo designed to match their intended brand position. The same theory applies for the opposite scenario and remember that which ever market your brand is aimed towards, you are providing a professional service and therefor a professional identity must be considered and designed for a reason and a purpose.

Not every designer has the experience to understand the needs of the dental practice and how to market it, and as many dentists are inexperienced in marketing in general, they are often either misled or misguided. Many dentists are trained and skilled in smile design these days and if you are a dentist that offers this service, then your dental brand must include the same considerations that are fundamental in this kind of design process. Just like a perfect smile that suits the face around it, your brand must also be in tune with its ideal look and appearance. Its all about balance and harmony as well a function.

There are four elements to include in your dental logo identity that must work together. Name of your dental practice, logo graphic, colour and type style. Design a dental practice logo with these four elements in an ideal style that reflects your individual brand personality, locality and targeted audience, and you will have created the perfect start to the patient communication process.

A logo designed with balance, symmetry and with all the elements working together in harmony will be appear more attractive, have greater impact and become more memorable. Take a look at a before and after logo example below after it has had the Mint branding treatment.

Alex Nicolaou – Mint Branding & Marketing

Dental Practice Logo Design

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