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What’s the price of keeping a young face?


Try a year’s salary!!! Are dentists making the most of their anti-wrinkle treatments?

An article in last week’s national newspaper reported that over the course of a lifetime, women will spend more than £24,000 on wrinkle-banishing creams and treatments. The report claims that despite this expenditure, almost half were disappointed with the results and yet the poll surveyed 3,000 women which discovered that two in five women spend between £30 and £50 a month on products to help keep them looking young.

So if this this is the case, and if dentists can provide anti-wrinkle treatments that provide more pleasing results, then why not make the most of an opportunity. If women are prepared to spend this sort of money to look and feel good, then surely it makes sense to offer regular courses of facial rejuvenation with affordable monthly payment options.

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