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What does your phone system say about your brand?

Have you tested your phone system recently? Or thought about how much your first impression of a new service (be it restaurant or dentist) is formed by the way the phone is answered?

Try it out, or get a friend to call and give you an honest opinion of how you answered – if it’s a receptionist who answers, are they truly being an ambassador for your brand? Ok, so maybe you have this covered, but have you checked it out of hours or when your phone is busy? For several clients I’ve been working with recently this has opened a huge can of worms! In both cases the problem has in fact been the phone system, but in both cases if I hadn’t pointed it out, they would never have known (and in both cases it was pure chance I ended up on their voicemail system).

I could share another FAR more frustrating example I ‘enjoyed’ last week from a worldwide courier brand, but think I’ll save that for another day ;-)

So have you tried it yet?

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