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Patient feedback surveys – what’s your experience?

Patient or customer feedback is essential to the growth of any business, be it in dentistry or retail. So have you ever asked your patients, and if so how did you do it?

I’ve just completed two online customer surveys. One from Caffe Nero was in store with the offer of free coffee for a month or an iPad. I’m a huge fan of Nero’s as their brand is all about the coffee and the experience – however their survey had so many questions it was off-putting, and the format also didn’t really reflect the brand.

Philips on the other hand were simply asking for feedback on a recent experience I had with a faulty Sonicare toothbrush. I’d gritted my teeth when I set out to find out about possible repair/replacement options – however they were fantastic! The online chat facility was picked up straight away – albeit in the US, so they redirected me to the UK site. My only option was to complete an online form and I wasn’t convinced I’d get a response. I had a prompt and comprehensive response and within 5 days had a brand new replacement!

So of course when today I had an email asking me for feedback on my experience I was delighted to complete the survey. Just 6 questions, simple format, told me it would only take 2 minutes to complete, and at the end redirected me to their website creating another opportunity for me to buy. Excellent.

So, what are your experiences with surveys, and when do you think you might try one in your practice?

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