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Kate and Alex at the Mint stand

Welcome to our new blog and the arrival of Mint – cool branding and fresh marketing for dentists. We’ve had a mint-tastic journey to get here today, and like all rewarding work, we’ve had our stresses and strains as well as the joy of a breakthrough. It’s been a brilliant team effort and we hope you like what you see.

Our journey started with a thought provoking coaching session with Chris Barrow last year, who ‘encouraged’ us to consolidate our work and create a unique brand experience for dental branding and marketing  - or materials and systems as we termed them that day.  We’re still offering all the great services and expertise under design4dentists and Meredith Marketing, and mint offers you a true one-stop shop with all these great services under one roof, with a strong network of specialist partners.

We’d love your feedback and to have a Mint Natter soon.  Till then a huge thanks to Chris for the inspiration and encouragement, to James, Dan, Belinda and Claire for helping get us here today, and to you for reading.

Have a mint-tastic day!

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