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See you at BDTA! Stand N14

Busy putting finishing touches to our BDTA stand, exciting new package launching, come and visit us at stand N14!

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community engagement at its best


Saw this last night at the Salisbury Arms in Hertford. Bring in your surplus home produce for Chef Rob and get Salisbury beer tokens in exchange. Sadly I don’t have any home produce ;-) but I sure am telling plenty of friends who do!
What could you do like this to get people really engaging with your brand?

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Great Idea…How About A QR Code For Your Dental Signage?


Calling all dentists…I was on my Mint travels to a meeting when I was parked in traffic and noticed this fantastic funky radiator shop. Firstly, how many contemporary radiator specialist shops are there out on the high street and secondly, how mainly independent retailers actually have a QR (Quick Response) code on their shop signage???

What a great idea! Just think how many passers by do not have the opportunity to visit your practice during YOUR working hours? Here is an opportunity to help window shoppers, walking couples and drivers in traffic to get quick info about your dental practice on their phone within seconds…

How about it?

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What’s the price of keeping a young face?


Try a year’s salary!!! Are dentists making the most of their anti-wrinkle treatments?

An article in last week’s national newspaper reported that over the course of a lifetime, women will spend more than £24,000 on wrinkle-banishing creams and treatments. The report claims that despite this expenditure, almost half were disappointed with the results and yet the poll surveyed 3,000 women which discovered that two in five women spend between £30 and £50 a month on products to help keep them looking young.

So if this this is the case, and if dentists can provide anti-wrinkle treatments that provide more pleasing results, then why not make the most of an opportunity. If women are prepared to spend this sort of money to look and feel good, then surely it makes sense to offer regular courses of facial rejuvenation with affordable monthly payment options.

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branded experiences – a great example – Webtogs


The power of a branded experience is unquantifiable, but when you’re on the receiving end of it boy it feels good!

I’ve been searching for some great lightweight walking sandals for the sunshine – dog walking, kite flying, you know the score. Spotted a pair on someone else’s feet while on hols, so Googled the brand and came across Webtogs.

What a brilliant experience from start to finish. Easy to find on Google, simple, clear and fresh website with great visuals, videos of someone using them, colour options, up to date stock of each colour and easy to read user feedback and review. Sold to the lady in Hertford.

So, one online order, some simple, on brand communications to let me know that they’d had my order, it was on its way and my sandals would be with me in 3-7 working days. Received in 2, how great is that. Not only that but the box, label, invoice etc all totally on brand, not only in terms of the logo but also all the way through the messaging. A clear and simple returns policy and some great wording to thank me for my business ‘A big warm THANKS from everyone at Webtogs HQ! What can we say but thanks for choosing us to supply your outdoor gear, you’ve made our day! We’re on a genuine mission to deliver the best outdoor gear on planet earch with the best customer service to back it up. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve ordered from us before, thanks so much!’

Clear simple brand proposition, totally backed up at every customer touchpoint. Utterly brilliant. Thank you Webtogs, I’ll be back.

Oh and in case you’re wondering the shoes are fab!!

So what are your examples of brilliant branded experiences?

Clear branded communications at every customer touchpoint

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Mint on DentisTV

Mint Alliance on DentisTV! We were delighted to meet Marita and Brendan – the brains behind DentisTV – at Showcase. They loved finding out about our Mint Alliance and featured it on part 1 of the Showcase special. Check it out here!

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How to bring new patients to your door!

'smart thinking:  give clients a lift to Ruby for a curry'

Here’s a clever idea: a new Indian restaurant has just opened in Hertford. There’s lots of competition and it’s a bit of the beaten track from the main bars and pubs.

Enter the new Ruby Tuk Tuk!  Branded and with the website it says ‘need a lift to Ruby? Wave me or call us on…..’  Brilliant thinking, great to get people talking, and customers through the door.

Think about what else you can do to make it really easy for patients to come to your practice!

But a small word of caution – make sure when they arrive, they experience the very best of your brand – excellent customer service and excellent work. Sadly in opening weeks, Ruby hasn’t quite hit the mark with this but we are all hopeful!

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Dental marketing – targeting the right customers


If you are a dentist with a retail location, the latest Mary Queen of Shops is absolutely required viewing. She shares invaluable commercial advice with retailers – though some choose not to accept the advice….

Last week’s episode showed a brilliant tip from a small Chocolatier. To understand his potential local customer, he went outside with a notepad, looked the clothes people were wearing, the shopping bags they were carrying to see where they shopped. This gave him a really simple way of identifying how he could position his brand and products to appeal to his market.  He even noticed the latest fashion in colours and produced purple and gold chocolates – brilliant!

Get you and your team to go outside and really look at who is passing by, and make sure your practice will appeal to the right people. You could even go one step further and carry out some market research by inviting people in and asking for their feedback on your practice and whether they would consider coming to you. Be prepared to hear some things which may feel uncomfortable but will absolutely give you a true customer insight.

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Right message to the right people at the right time


We all know that understanding your customer is key to any successful marketing. Getting your message seen at the right time by your customers is even more so. I love this sign from a local pub, positioned at the exit of a busy subway where many office workers have to pass by on their way to town to get lunch….

The sign is also right on brand for the pub – and I’d recommend it if you are visiting Hertford!

Get creative, and make your message relevant. If nothing else you’ll raise a smile ;-)

Mint marketing - right message to right people

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Mint arrives on the market!

Kate and Alex at the Mint stand

Welcome to our new blog and the arrival of Mint – cool branding and fresh marketing for dentists. We’ve had a mint-tastic journey to get here today, and like all rewarding work, we’ve had our stresses and strains as well as the joy of a breakthrough. It’s been a brilliant team effort and we hope you like what you see.

Our journey started with a thought provoking coaching session with Chris Barrow last year, who ‘encouraged’ us to consolidate our work and create a unique brand experience for dental branding and marketing  - or materials and systems as we termed them that day.  We’re still offering all the great services and expertise under design4dentists and Meredith Marketing, and mint offers you a true one-stop shop with all these great services under one roof, with a strong network of specialist partners.

We’d love your feedback and to have a Mint Natter soon.  Till then a huge thanks to Chris for the inspiration and encouragement, to James, Dan, Belinda and Claire for helping get us here today, and to you for reading.

Have a mint-tastic day!

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