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Dental Practice Branding – Choosing The Right Designer

Finding the right designer or design business, can be daunting and an endless task especially if you are not sure what to look for.

Graphic design is an essential part of every marketing plan and can greatly increase the professional look of your dental practice. Expressing your dental brand with creative communication and individual styling will enable you to leave a remarkable, memorable and lasting impression with your patients.

Here are a few tips to help you with your decisions:

1. Experience is key - Check to make sure the designer has years of experience and knowledge of dentistry. This will be a beneficial factor as they can advise you of the basic marketing tools you need.

2. Do they have the communication skills? - A designer must understand your practice brand and which patients or target market it needs to attract. Graphic design is all about communication.

3. Portfolio - An extensive portfolio of many dental design projects can help you determine how creative they really are. Look for variations in style and flair, and ask why and how the designs were created.

4. Quality of work - Attention to detail is essential. Poor quality images or basic free clip art in a portfolio can signify what you are likely to get as well. Look closely for any imperfections or spelling errors. The designer must have a keen eye for detail and his or her work must show and express elements of fine art, balance and consistency.

5. Understanding your needs - Getting it right first time will help both parties progress and conclude projects quickly and efficiently. This can only be achieved if there is clarity in the initial briefing and the designer asks the right questions from the onset. Design examples, images and material suggestions can also help paint a visual image in the mind for both designer and client.

6. You get what you pay for - Choosing a designer based on price alone has the danger of receiving ineffective or incomplete projects.¬†How do you put a price on art? Design is very subjective but its the experience, quality and results that will help you determine whether a designer or design company’s price is worth your investment. Of course a freelance designer will be cheaper than a design company but remember, this is an investment as your design and branded communication will pay for itself many times over. A good portfolio backed up with experience and results is worth every penny.

7. References - Ask to speak to previous clients and check for case studies and testimonials on their websites or brochures.

Hope this helps!

Alex Nicolaou – Mint Branding

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Mint on the road!

The Mint team is heading out on the road for a couple of events. Tonight is the London Local Dental Committee where we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again and answer lots of questions on dental marketing and branding. Tomorrow we head to the NEC for the Dentistry Show, lots of networking, catching up with lots of familiar faces and the latest news for UK Dentistry. Give us a shout, we’d love to meet for a Mint-natter and see how we can help you attract lots of new patients for your practice!
Alex – 07971 979807 and Kate – 07970 280084. Tune in for our update after the shows.

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