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Juan Zelada – iTunes Single of The Week


Congratulations to Juan Zelada for reaching single of the week on iTunes last week. We look forward to seeing you and the team at Insomnia Music in March.

In 2010 Insomnia Music instructed my company Origin 1 to design Juan Zelada’s website and help promote his music through various online media facilities such as YouTube and Twitter.

Kate was already working on a number of projects with Insomnia Music and had introduced me to the team and Juan Zelada at a gig in London. Myself and my team at Origin 1 are delighted to have been involved helping Juan Zelada to success and we wish him and the boys at Insomnia Music the very best of luck in the future.

If anyone is interested in joining myself and Kate to support Juan Zelada at Bush Hall in London on 30th March let us know. You can view all the videos, history and latest news here:

Why not buy the album now!!! Juan Zelada – High Ceilings & Collarbones

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Calling All Dentists – Win An iPod Touch


A great dental website designer is hard to find these days and we have been searching for a while through many sources. After numerous adverts, tweets and recommendations, we still cannot find the super cool design applicant with that extra special artistic flair. Unfortunately not just anyone will do for us as art is a skill you cannot learn. One is born and blessed with the natural talent and then the imagination learns to explore the impossible. This is what makes us different and we get noticed through our passionate, artistic designs that stand out from the crowd.

Design helps the world progress and your business prosper and so we are looking for that talented rare breed who you may well be closely connected with. If you know a brand designer or a website designer who you may have used in the past, please connect them with us or point them to our website address below.

If your referring applicant is successful, we will reward you with a FREE iPod touch worth £200. How great is that? just for a simple referral.

Remember, its a shame to hide any hidden talent. Let them explore a great opportunity by joining our team and I will be able to show them how special they really are. I can help them succeed and they will enjoy learning to develop their skills that will place them above many other future work colleagues.

Click Here Website Design Vacancy

Alex Nicolaou

Origin 1 Design Team

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